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People in politics have different reasons for running.  I am not running against anyone, but running for the future of Westfield.  Since moving to Westfield in 2000, my wife and I have had two children, Jenna and Clay who are also proud to call Westfield our home.  We know a bright future awaits Westfield and hope our kids will want to come back to this area and raise their own family.  For this to happen, Westfield needs to be on the forefront of fiscal responsibility.  Westfield has seen significant growth since 2000 and I am sure there is more in store.  This growth needs to make sure we do not burden our existing tax base today with debts we will have difficulty paying.


The vision of our City can and should be great with controlled growth.  We have many assets in Westfield including our schools.  Westfield Schools are ranked as one of the best in the state and is the main reason families move to Westfield.  They are also our largest employer.  The City of Westfield needs to make sure they are not hindering the vision of Westfield Schools.  We all know a recent referendum was passed.  I am not here to debate this as it was passed whether you were for it or against it.  I am sure everyone had their reasons and to each of them it was the correct decision.  However, with our current situation, Westfield Schools is losing out on nearly $4 million dollars per year to advance the growth of the City of Westfield.  What has happened in the past is the past.  Let’s all look to the future, to ensure our financial success in one of our entities, is not at the expense of another.


The vision of Westfield needs to be more comprehensive.  We need to include all the citizens in the growth including those without children.  We are very fortunate in Westfield and we have a vibrant community, we must also remember to not leave behind those who are less fortunate.  I would propose the vision be more encompassing so we are not laying out one project for the community without knowing what the total costs to our citizens will be.  I will propose we create a larger planned vision with the financial backing so all our citizens not only benefit, but have a voice in the process.  A vision is only as good as its financial success.


A vote for Troy C. Patton, CPA will ensure we have a financial expert on the City Council to review our budgets and expenses. I will mandate a proper system of checks and balances our City demands.

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