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We all learned in grade school 2+2=4.  Very simple.  Our country needs experts in financial matters.  We can not take in $90 and spend $100 or more every year.  We must live by a balanced budget across a Presidential term.  There are times when we can not, but it must be rectified by the end of the term. We continue to leave one generation after another in worse financial shape than started.


Taxes need to be fair. I would love nothing more than a flat tax. However, there are some who have benefited more from the United States than others. Think about a politician who has done nothing more than enrich their own family's wealth on the heels of the working class. Those who have made more will pay more.  A flat tax with a minimum is fair. If you are in retirement (not working or at a time to take Social Security) and making $500,000 in income per year or have a net worth over $10M, you do not need Social Security even if you paid it in. It is a security blanket.  If you are warm enough, you do not need one. Yes, you paid it in, but you have succeeded in without the need of the additional dollars. Remember, many of you like my great grandparents were paid benefits, yet never paid in anything. Some of us are going to have to help pay for those people to provide a level living income for others. +2-3 does not equal zero. 


Growth of the country should be left to capitalism and the people of the country. From the local level to federal level, the politicians are the last people to say who should succeed or fail.  We do not need government to run our lives, just do not ruin it and the people will prevail.

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